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FeedFliks now lets you see and share more of your ratings

Your Ratings FeedFliks is now trying to help you access and share more of your ratings. Earlier, most FeedFliksers saw no more than 20 of their most recent Netflix ratings.

Now, we’re checking if you’ve rated any of the movies that you’ve rented/streamed in the past. This has helped us pull in millions of more ratings across all our users and most of you should be able to see many more than just the 20 you’ve seen thus far. Further, rather than just list your ratings one after the other, FeedFliks is now allowing you to show off your ‘Ratings Shelf’ – this is a list of the movies you’ve rated from Loved (5 stars) through to Hated (1 star). We’ll pick 5 titles at random for each rating level and show them to you. You can also share this page – on Facebook or Twitter or via email. The link to this is your FeedFliks page followed by a /ratings. For example:

Remember: Your Netflix movie ratings are private by default so if you want to share them, you’ll need to explicity make this page public by going to

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Posted by on December 22, 2009 in facebook, feedfliks, feedflix, netflix, privacy, ratings