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Share any particular movie review

Here’s something that should really be useful to all of you prolific reviewers out there: you can now get a permalink to any one particular review that you can share with your friends. Rather than have to scroll through dozens (or hundreds!) of your reviews, they can quickly and easily get to the exact movie review you choose.

For example, here’s my review page with a review of Match Point:

Movie Reviews Page

Movie Reviews Page

Now, under each review, you’ll see a permalink to that particular review. The permalink for my review of Match Point happens to be:

Click on this and you’ll get a page that shows just that review:

Review Permalink Page

Review Permalink Page

This link ( will always work even if you go back and make edits to your review. It’s super-easy now to share your favorite review on Twitter, Facebook, Email or on  Blogs.


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Get your FeedFliks Alerts via Twitter

Follow @ffalerts

Follow @ffalerts

One of the more popular features of FeedFliks is the Alerts option.

For those who aren’t aware of this neat feature : you can ask to be reminded via email if you’ve held on to any particular DVD for longer than 3 (or 5, or 7…) days.  Alerts help you maximize your Netflix membership by getting you to watch more movies each month. If you haven’t subscribed to alerts, you should – rightaway.

Since many of you also use Twitter,  we think it makes sense for us to offer to send you these reminder alerts via Twitter rather than email. Getting FF alerts via Twitter is easy.

Step1: Update your Twitter username on your FeedFliks account page

Step2: Follow our alerting account @ffalerts

Step3: Tell us what day of the week you want to get alerted and how long you’d like to have a DVD at home before you want a reminder for it

As always – Alerts are an opt-in feature and it is easy to opt-out. Don’t want to be bugged anymore? Just set alerts to ‘Never’.

Remember: Following @ffalerts is important because FF will send you alerts via direct messages (DM) to protect your privacy regarding what titles you have at home.

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