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Get Streaming Alerts For Any Netflix Title

Streaming Alerts have long been one of the most-used and loved features on FeedFliks. For those new to FeedFliks, Streaming Alerts allow you to sign up for an email from us on the day your favorite title becomes available on Streaming (we’ll also add it to your Instant Queue if you wanted to).

One limitation was that Streaming Alerts were restricted to only those titles for which we knew were streaming soon. But lots of users are now on Streaming only plans and want to get notified as soon as their favorite titles are available to stream – even if no date has been announced yet!

Starting today, you can get a Streaming Alert for any title at all in the Netflix Catalog. The day it becomes available to stream, we’ll email you. If you want us to add it to your Instant Queue, just say so! To get a streaming alert, just click on the calendar icon  next to the title box art. The screenshot illustrates what it looks like, for example, on the New DVD Release page but this calendar icon will appear next to all titles.

Streaming Alerts are a Premium feature – sign up and you won’t be disappointed!


The 2012 Academy Awards

The Oscars are this Sunday on ABC (Feb 26th).

To help you quickly keep track of all the nominations (and eventually, the winners), FeedFliks has a one-pager for all the major 2012 Academy Awards. Here’s a snippet:

Are you ready with your predictions?


The Oscar Nominations are out: 9 Best Picture Nominations

The Oscar Nominations were just announced and the Best Picture Nominations are:

  1. The Artist: RT 97%
  2. Moneyball: RT 95%
  3. Hugo: RT 94%
  4. Midnight in Paris: RT 93%
  5. The Descendants: RT 89%
  6. The Tree of Life: RT 84%
  7. War Horse: RT 77%
  8. The Help: RT 76%
  9. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: RT 48%

Load up your queues!

Who has predictions?


FeedFliks: Now with Rotten Tomato Rating and IMDB Links

A much-requested feature of FeedFliks users has been integration to the Rotten Tomatoes Freshness rating as well as to the IMDB page. The wait is over and this is now available on FeedFliks for thousands of the most popular movies. For example, Hurt Locker:

Wherever available, this will also show up on pages such as Movies Currently in Theaters:

Thanks for everyone’s patience on this so far!


Warner Brothers Does Some Throttling Of Its Own

Clearly, someone at Warner Brothers was unhappy looking at Netflix’s Upcoming DVD releases that we just blogged about.

As per AllthingsD’s Peter Kafka, Warner Brothers is going to make rental companies like Blockbuster and Redbox wait another 4 weeks more than they do today to rent out DVDs of Warner Bros movies. In other words double the delay time between the day a DVD goes on sale to the day it becomes available to rent on DVD from Netflix to 56 days or 8 weeks!

Warner Bros. believes this will boost revenues from DVD sales.

Why not just go further and make the delay 108 weeks? Clearly at that point, DVD sales will just shoot through the roof? And please no one write to Warner and tell them about this new-fangled series of tubes people are calling the ‘Internet’. That’s never going to go anywhere.


Movies Playing In Theatres Now

Ever saw a commercial for an upcoming movie while watching TV and wanted to add that movie to your DVD Queue at Netflix? We’re here to help and make that process easier. Here’s the Playing Now In Theatres page on FeedFliks. Just click on the  icon and we’ll add the movie to your cart. Once you’ve added all the titles you want, just checkout and we’ll add them all to your DVD Queue (where Netflix will put them under the ‘Saved’ section of your Queue). The list of movies is sorted by what’s most popular in Netflix Queues.

In addition to this info there are also links to the Coming Soon To Theatres and Opening This Week in Theatres and a link to the Theatres page has been added to the site footer for quick access from any page on FeedFliks

Enjoy and let us know in the comments or by emailing us at if you have any suggestions to improve this.


Theatrical Releases

We’ve added a quick link  to the FeedFliks footer where we’re showing you Movies that are Playing Now in Theatres. Here’s what it looks like today:

Playing in Theatres Now

Playing in Theatres Now

You’ll also be able to take a look at Movies Coming Soon and Movies Opening This Week and easily switch between the three. We’re hoping this is useful to those of us who catch movies at theatres too.

True-blue Netflixers: if you see something you like, you can add it to your Queue. If a movie is also set to come on Instant Watch, you’ll be able to sign up for a reminder.

Data for this comes from the good folks at Rotten Tomatoes.