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Warner Brothers Does Some Throttling Of Its Own

Clearly, someone at Warner Brothers was unhappy looking at Netflix’s Upcoming DVD releases that we just blogged about.

As per AllthingsD’s Peter Kafka, Warner Brothers is going to make rental companies like Blockbuster and Redbox wait another 4 weeks more than they do today to rent out DVDs of Warner Bros movies. In other words double the delay time between the day a DVD goes on sale to the day it becomes available to rent on DVD from Netflix to 56 days or 8 weeks!

Warner Bros. believes this will boost revenues from DVD sales.

Why not just go further and make the delay 108 weeks? Clearly at that point, DVD sales will just shoot through the roof? And please no one write to Warner and tell them about this new-fangled series of tubes people are calling the ‘Internet’. That’s never going to go anywhere.


New and Upcoming DVD Releases From Netflix

In the past, we’ve shown you on FeedFliks, a list of new DVDs Netflix releases each Monday. We’ve improved this page and made it a little more ‘futuristic’ and are now showing you what titles Netflix plans to make available on DVD the next Monday and the next and so on… The page is Netflix New Releases and looks like this:

At the top you’ll see the titles Netflix made available this past Monday and further down a chronological list of upcoming DVD titles. Netflix *does* show the date a title  becomes available on DVD in your DVD Queue, but they usually stick to just the next week or so. Well, now you can see them up to 3 months out. Not every single title will be shown on this page – just the ones Netflixers have expressed interest in by adding them to their DVD Queues.

Now go ahead and add them to your DVD Queue via FeedFliks!


Movies Playing In Theatres Now

Ever saw a commercial for an upcoming movie while watching TV and wanted to add that movie to your DVD Queue at Netflix? We’re here to help and make that process easier. Here’s the Playing Now In Theatres page on FeedFliks. Just click on the  icon and we’ll add the movie to your cart. Once you’ve added all the titles you want, just checkout and we’ll add them all to your DVD Queue (where Netflix will put them under the ‘Saved’ section of your Queue). The list of movies is sorted by what’s most popular in Netflix Queues.

In addition to this info there are also links to the Coming Soon To Theatres and Opening This Week in Theatres and a link to the Theatres page has been added to the site footer for quick access from any page on FeedFliks

Enjoy and let us know in the comments or by emailing us at if you have any suggestions to improve this.


Netflix API is not changing after all

Good news, the Netflix API will continue to support DVDs. As a result, FeedFliks will not be impacted, so please disregard the previous blog post.


Funny movies returned faster, Serious ones kept home longer?

Do you think the number of days you take to watch a movie and return the DVD to Netflix is an indication of that movie’s gravitas? Curious? Read on…


Some few weeks ago, The New Yorker reached out to FeedFliks for some data on Netflix rental patterns: specifically, they were interested in seeing if users tend to watch and return ‘light’ movies faster while they sit on ‘heavier’ titles for somewhat longer. The article is called What we can learn from Procrastination. It turned out that there was something to their theory and that in fact a light-hearted movie like The Proposal was returned in an average of 9.6 days while a more serious movie like Gran Torino sat at home for 13.1 days. It’s a very interesting article and certainly worth reading, or, ironically enough, for bookmarking to read later.

Back to FeedFliks and those DVDs. The current extremes for longest and shortest times at home are

Here are the days-at-home for some other interesting titles:

Curious about even more titles? Just head on to any title’s detail page on  FeedFliks and you’ll be able to see the average days a title spends at subscriber’s homes (this is below the box art photo of the title). FeedFliks calculates this information for approximately the Top 250 most shipped titles at Netflix.


Netflix Streaming Growth Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

We’re half way through 2010 and here’s the DVD vs Instant graph to date.

In just 6 months, users have streamed almost as many titles as they did in all of 2009.

Will 2010 be the first year when Netflix’s DVD Shipments start to plateau off?


What’s the first movie Netflix ever shipped?

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

Ever wondered what movie was in that very first red envelope Netflix sent out? The oldest we have in the FeedFliks database is Sleepy Hollow which was shipped out to a subscriber on 18th July 2000 and returned to Netflix on the 5th of August. Netflix was in business atleast a couple years before that so does anyone out there have a DVD shipment even older than July 2000?

What was *your* first Netflix movie – and when did you rent it? Ours was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in July 2007.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


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