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Introducing FeedFliks Quiz

Here’s a fun way to kill some time: FeedFliks Quiz! Just click on that link to take the quiz: you will be shown the brief synopsis of a movie and you’ll have 5 seconds to guess the name of that movie.

See if you are a real movie buff. Like it? Just play it again – we’ve seen several users play the game a dozen times in a row!  If you think your friends might like it, just use the Twitter and Facebook buttons to share the quiz with them too. It’s a great way to take a break or kill some time.

Email if you have suggestions to improve the Quiz.


Share any particular movie review

Here’s something that should really be useful to all of you prolific reviewers out there: you can now get a permalink to any one particular review that you can share with your friends. Rather than have to scroll through dozens (or hundreds!) of your reviews, they can quickly and easily get to the exact movie review you choose.

For example, here’s my review page with a review of Match Point:

Movie Reviews Page

Movie Reviews Page

Now, under each review, you’ll see a permalink to that particular review. The permalink for my review of Match Point happens to be:

Click on this and you’ll get a page that shows just that review:

Review Permalink Page

Review Permalink Page

This link ( will always work even if you go back and make edits to your review. It’s super-easy now to share your favorite review on Twitter, Facebook, Email or on  Blogs.


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Update to Privacy Policy

We just rolled out a couple of changes to the Privacy Policy that affect all users. So please take a minute to read this.

The first change involves the display of your Real Name vs your Netflix Nickname on your FeedFliks pages. For a while now, all new users by default only have their Netflix Nicknames shown but this can be overridden on the FeedFliks Account page. We’ve made this change retroactive – that is, all users on FeedFliks now have only their Netflix Nickname displayed irrespective of when they joined the site. If you are a user who prefers your Real Name to show up, please explicitly set this preference on your Account page.

The second change involves what is shared on your FeedFliks page. Again, for a while now, all new users by default only have their Netflix Reviews shared. All other data, their Queues, their Recommendations etc are private. Users’ Rental and Streaming Histories have *always* been private – as have been their statistics, graphs and calculations. We’ve made this change also retroactive – that is, all users on FeedFliks now only have their Reviews shared (unless they’ve made that section also private already). If you are a user who prefers to share more, please set your sharing preferences explicitly on your Sharing page.

Our privacy policy is at

More questions  are always welcome. Just contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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