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New and Improved FeedFliks Search

FeedFliks Search is back! And now, search has some long-requested major improvements:

1) Search by Cast – e.g. enter “Tom Hanks”
2) Search by Director – e.g enter “Spielberg” and see
3) Search by Award – select “Oscar” and see just the titles that have gotten Oscar nods
4) When searching for Streaming-only titles, you can additionally specify HD-only, Closed-captioned-only and also limit to titles that have only recently become available on Netflix Streaming
5) Search by Movies only/TV only/Both – tons of you have written in asking for a way to eliminate TV shows from results. Well, now you can!
6) Keyword search: just enter a keyword and FeedFliks will search multiple fields for that query: entering ‘George’ for example will find movies where the director’s name contains George or someone in the cast is called George or if the movie title has the word ‘george’ in it etc.
It’s live now – give it a whirl!

FeedFliks now helps you find Netflix titles with subtitles

A couple days ago, the good folks at emailed asking if there was a way for FeedFliks to point out what titles on Netflix Streaming have subtitles or closed-captioning. Right now, they have an entirely manual process which means a lot of (un-ending) work.

Things just got easier!

You should now see a small CC icon next to Streaming Titles on FeedFliks that have closed-captioning. See Forrest Gump, Up and The Boondock Saints below for example:


And yes, you can also search for just those Streaming Titles that have subtitles. Here’s a shortcut to the results page: To filter, just choose ‘Instant Watch with Subtitles’ in the Format pulldown – here’s what that looks like:

On FeedFliks’ Search Page, you can add other filter conditions and change the sorting order of the results (by default, the best rated movies are at the top). This should be very useful for anyone who needs subtitles for disability reasons or otherwise.

We hope we’re making Netflix even more awesome to all of you out there!


A Ton Of New Thomas & Friends Titles Coming To Streaming

Got kids? Love Thomas anyway? More than 30 Thomas & Friends titles are being added to Netflix Streaming on the 15th of April. Find them all using Search:

This should make Spring Break go a little more easy 🙂

Remember, you can sign up to be notified via Twitter when titles that are teed up for Streaming actually come available. Read more about that on our older blog post at


Sorting Options Added To Streaming Central

FeedFliks’ Streaming Central page has quickly become a hot spot on the site and to make it even more useful, we’re adding sort options for Coming Soon, Just Arrived and Expiring Soon pages. Here’s what it looks like:

Streaming Central : now with Sorting

Streaming Central : now with Sorting

Thanks to all of you who wrote in and asked for this and moved this up the To-Do list ladder! Your great feedback helps make FeedFliks more useful for everyone!


Use FeedFliks Search to find only watchable titles

Watchability Factor

Watchability Factor

In an earlier post, we announced that FeedFliks was going to be start showing you a ‘sit-through factor’ which was a percentage measure of how much of a streaming title people actually got through.

We’re now allowing you to search Netflix’s catalog by using this as an additional filter. Right below the ‘Format’ dropdown (where we added Blu-ray last month) is a  slider you can use to set a minimum percentage value that the title should have been watched for.

Right now, this filter is applicable only to Instant Watch titles. However, with over 17,000 titles on Netflix Streaming, we figured everyone could use this to eliminate particularly boring titles.

If you’ve got any suggestions to make FeedFliks Search even better, please leave us a comment.


Play any stream-able Netflix title easily from FeedFliks

Until now, we’ve tried to bring to your attention, any titles that have become available via Netflix’s Streaming service. We’re taking this one logical step further by adding ‘Play’ buttons next to all titles that are stream-able.

From your own DVD Queue (why waste a DVD rental when you can see it now?) to the Netflix Top 100 (4 of which are still streamable) or Netflix New Releases (12 are streamable!) to Movie Detail pages to Search results to FeedFliks Streaming Central, you should start seeing these blue ‘Play’ buttons all over FeedFliks.

Just click ‘Play’ and in a minute or so, your movie will start playing in a new window. Yes, it is that easy!




FeedFliks – now search by Genre

A small but useful addition to FeedFliks Search: you can now filter by Genre. We’re also now sorting the results by average ratings so that highly rated titles show up at the top. Ever wanted to see a Comedy on Instant Watch that was made after 1999 and only have an hour to spare? We’ll now be able to tell you what your best options are!

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Introducing FeedFliks Search

We’d excited to introduce FeedFliks Search. We’re starting simple and plan on improving it constantly. We think it’s pretty useful even on Day 1: You can search by Title, Average Rating, Duration and Release Year – and yes you can restrict to Streaming/Instant Watch titles only.  Here’s what it looks like:

FeedFliks Search
FeedFliks Search

On the results page you’ll be able to add titles in the search results directly to your Netflix Queues (use the green button for your DVD Queue and the blue button for your Instant Queue). Leave us a comment here or email us with your feedback!


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