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The Oscar Nominations are out: 9 Best Picture Nominations

The Oscar Nominations were just announced and the Best Picture Nominations are:

  1. The Artist: RT 97%
  2. Moneyball: RT 95%
  3. Hugo: RT 94%
  4. Midnight in Paris: RT 93%
  5. The Descendants: RT 89%
  6. The Tree of Life: RT 84%
  7. War Horse: RT 77%
  8. The Help: RT 76%
  9. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: RT 48%

Load up your queues!

Who has predictions?


FeedFliks has over 1500 ratings on the Netflix App Gallery

Just a quick post to say that FeedFliks now has over 1500 ratings on the Netflix App Gallery.

Netflix App Gallery

Netflix App Gallery

Thanks to every single one of you who took the time to rate and/or review FeedFliks!

If you haven’t already done so, please rate/review FeedFliks on the Netflix App Gallery

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Share any particular movie review

Here’s something that should really be useful to all of you prolific reviewers out there: you can now get a permalink to any one particular review that you can share with your friends. Rather than have to scroll through dozens (or hundreds!) of your reviews, they can quickly and easily get to the exact movie review you choose.

For example, here’s my review page with a review of Match Point:

Movie Reviews Page

Movie Reviews Page

Now, under each review, you’ll see a permalink to that particular review. The permalink for my review of Match Point happens to be:

Click on this and you’ll get a page that shows just that review:

Review Permalink Page

Review Permalink Page

This link ( will always work even if you go back and make edits to your review. It’s super-easy now to share your favorite review on Twitter, Facebook, Email or on  Blogs.


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