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Warner Brothers Does Some Throttling Of Its Own

Clearly, someone at Warner Brothers was unhappy looking at Netflix’s Upcoming DVD releases that we just blogged about.

As per AllthingsD’s Peter Kafka, Warner Brothers is going to make rental companies like Blockbuster and Redbox wait another 4 weeks more than they do today to rent out DVDs of Warner Bros movies. In other words double the delay time between the day a DVD goes on sale to the day it becomes available to rent on DVD from Netflix to 56 days or 8 weeks!

Warner Bros. believes this will boost revenues from DVD sales.

Why not just go further and make the delay 108 weeks? Clearly at that point, DVD sales will just shoot through the roof? And please no one write to Warner and tell them about this new-fangled series of tubes people are calling the ‘Internet’. That’s never going to go anywhere.


Netflix Rapidly Increasing DVD And Streaming Selection

For a long time, Netflix has talked about having over 100,000 titles in their catalog of which some 17,000 were available via Streaming.

Those numbers need updating. FeedFliks currently sees the numbers:

Over 130,000 titles in the Netflix Catalog

Almost 28,000 Streaming Titles (which still leaves a 100,000 titles available via DVD alone)

4315 titles available via HD Streaming

It looks like the window of opportunity for other competitors to challenge Netflix’s goal to be the 800 lb gorilla in streaming TV + Movies online is closing fast.


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How Much Of A Threat Is Redbox Really To Netflix?

A recent article in the Bloomberg Businessweek talked about how Redbox with its $1/movie kiosks was plotting a web strategy against Netflix. The $1/movie sure sounds like a sweet spot but can you guess just how many Netflixers are already under this magic number? We ran some quick stats across the FeedFliks userbase.

For just DVD rentals, only about 20% of FeedFliks members are at under a $1/movie.

That sure sounds like a big opportunity there but what happens if we factor in Netflix’s Instant Watch offering?  With this about 64% of FeedFliks members are already at under $1/movie.

Now, it doesn’t look like all that juicy of an opportunity with nearly two-thirds of all Netflixers already paying under $1/movie – and enjoying other benefits of Netflix like no late fees and a much wider collection of titles.  Thought these numbers were interesting and wanted to share them with all of you.