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FeedFliks Introduces Streaming Central for Canada

Canada is Netflix’s biggest market after the US and Netflix boasts over a million Canadian Netflixers already. To help Canadian Netflixers sort through what currently available, coming soon and expiring soon from Netflix Streaming, FeedFliks is now happy to announce the availability of Streaming Central for Canada!

Streaming Central for Canada, by default, shows the best titles currently available to stream in Canada (which interestingly enough include many Oscar winning movies that are *not* available today in the US like The Hurt LockerSlumdog MillionaireThe WrestlerTakenMilkCrazy Heart and Black Swan etc.!)

This page can be sorted by GenreRelease Year and the ever useful Expiring Soon and Coming Soon options.

Feedback is always welcome either in the comments or at


New and Improved FeedFliks Search

FeedFliks Search is back! And now, search has some long-requested major improvements:

1) Search by Cast – e.g. enter “Tom Hanks”
2) Search by Director – e.g enter “Spielberg” and see
3) Search by Award – select “Oscar” and see just the titles that have gotten Oscar nods
4) When searching for Streaming-only titles, you can additionally specify HD-only, Closed-captioned-only and also limit to titles that have only recently become available on Netflix Streaming
5) Search by Movies only/TV only/Both – tons of you have written in asking for a way to eliminate TV shows from results. Well, now you can!
6) Keyword search: just enter a keyword and FeedFliks will search multiple fields for that query: entering ‘George’ for example will find movies where the director’s name contains George or someone in the cast is called George or if the movie title has the word ‘george’ in it etc.
It’s live now – give it a whirl!

FeedFliks: now with new and improved Actor and Director Pages

On FeedFliks, you can now sort an actor or director’s work by a variety of ways: top rated, most recent, by genre – and yes, by what’s streamable!

  For example George Clooney who has an Oscar nomination for The Descendants this year: here’s the list of streamable movies of George Clooney.

  Here’s Meryl Streep and her list of streamable movies.

  Tom Cruise : Best Movies (as per Rotten Tomatoes critics ratings) and Streamable Movies.

This works the same way for Directors too:

  Quentin Tarantino has 4 streamable titles including Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown

  Joel and Ethan Coen have 3 titles you can watch instantly right now.


Netflix API is not changing after all

Good news, the Netflix API will continue to support DVDs. As a result, FeedFliks will not be impacted, so please disregard the previous blog post.


Upcoming changes to FeedFliks

Some important changes to the Netflix API go into effect next Friday ie Oct 14th. In summary, the Netflix API will focus exclusively on Streaming content and remove all DVD-related information.

This fundamental change on the Netflix API side affects FeedFliks (and other applications based on their API) in very direct ways that you should know about.

How does this affect you?

  • You will no longer be able to view or modify your DVD queue from FeedFliks
  • FeedFliks will no longer be able to show you how many titles you’ve been renting each week/month etc.
  • FeedFliks will no longer be able to tell how many days you have held onto DVDs and send you the alerts that you might have signed up for.
  • Information on your ratings and recommendations will only be for Streaming titles and not DVD titles.
  • Other interesting trends such as ‘Most Queued on DVD’ or ‘DVD vs Instant Watch’ will no longer be possible to show.

If you have any further questions, please leave comments here or email us as


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Entire Rocky Series Coming to Instant Watch

Rocky on Netflix Instant Watch


Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky started streaming on Oct 1st and the rest of the series through till Rocky V is coming to Netflix Streaming starting Dec 1st. Interestingly the average rating of each Rocky movie has steadily trended downward!

Get your streaming reminders on FeedFliks!


FeedFliks has over 1500 ratings on the Netflix App Gallery

Just a quick post to say that FeedFliks now has over 1500 ratings on the Netflix App Gallery.

Netflix App Gallery

Netflix App Gallery

Thanks to every single one of you who took the time to rate and/or review FeedFliks!

If you haven’t already done so, please rate/review FeedFliks on the Netflix App Gallery

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