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DVD and Streaming History No Longer Available through Netflix’s API

Effective 15th September 2012, Netflix will no longer provide a user’s DVD or Streaming history via their API.

What this means is that FeedFliks will no longer be able to tell you how long you’ve held onto DVDs or send you email alerts when you’ve held on to them for too long. This also means that going forward we won’t be able to calculate an average cost/movie for you. Your Streaming History page will also no longer be updated.

Note that this is not a Premium vs Free issue – no third party apps will have access to your DVD or Streaming histories. Unfortunately this is a decision Netflix made and is not going to change.

Other features will continue to be available: both Queues will continue to be refreshed, you can still sign up for Alerts (and have them added to your Instant Queue when the title becomes available). You’ll also get alerts when titles are about to expire from your Instant Queue.


FeedFlix – now with multiple profile/queue support!

Hi everyone,

We just released an all new version of FeedFlix. This features the most popular user request – support for multiple profiles/queues.

Adding multiple profiles is super-easy. Just log in with any one profile and then click on the ‘Add another profile’ link on your FeedFlix page. If you have more than 2 profiles – just repeat the same process and all your profiles will be linked and refreshed. You’ll get a combined stats page that will show you combined activity across all the profiles. And yes, you’ll be able to switch easily between each profile and share that profile’s FeedFlix page separately.

I hope you all enjoy the feature!


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