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FeedFliks Can Notify You When A Title Becomes Available To Stream

Seeing Future Streaming Availability on FeedFliks has become hugely popular.  We’ve taken this one step further: You can now ask to be notified via Twitter the exact day the titles you’re interested in on the Coming Soon page begin to stream on Netflix.

Notification of Streaming Titles

Notification of Streaming Titles

Just click on the blue ‘Remind’ button and FeedFliks will send you a direct message via Twitter to remind you. Just tell FeedFliks your Twitter username on your Account page and also remember to follow us on Twitter.  Please rememeber that if you do not follow us (@feedfliks) then you will not get these reminders.

We’re hoping this will be really useful to all your Streaming fans out there. If you’ve suggestions to make your Streaming experience even better, please leave us a comment or email us at


FeedFliks now lets you see and share more of your ratings

Your Ratings FeedFliks is now trying to help you access and share more of your ratings. Earlier, most FeedFliksers saw no more than 20 of their most recent Netflix ratings.

Now, we’re checking if you’ve rated any of the movies that you’ve rented/streamed in the past. This has helped us pull in millions of more ratings across all our users and most of you should be able to see many more than just the 20 you’ve seen thus far. Further, rather than just list your ratings one after the other, FeedFliks is now allowing you to show off your ‘Ratings Shelf’ – this is a list of the movies you’ve rated from Loved (5 stars) through to Hated (1 star). We’ll pick 5 titles at random for each rating level and show them to you. You can also share this page – on Facebook or Twitter or via email. The link to this is your FeedFliks page followed by a /ratings. For example:

Remember: Your Netflix movie ratings are private by default so if you want to share them, you’ll need to explicity make this page public by going to

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Hmm.. I wonder why I added this title to my Queue?

We’ve all been there. A title arrives and we wonder what the reason was for us to put it in our Queue in the first place.

To help you remember, you can now add a ‘note’ on your FeedFliks account to remind you why – maybe a good friend recommended it – or you heard that so-and-so was in it. Whatever your reason, you can add the note to remind you. Your notes will survive even if you purge that title from your Queue. Further, you can add notes to *any* Netflix title – not just those in your Queue. Your notes are *always* private to you.

Here’s how you can add a note to a title:

1. Click on the ‘Add a note to the title’ link on every movie detail page, for example


2. Add your note and hit ‘Save Note’

3. You’re done! You can always edit or delete your note at any time


Tell us what you think.

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Update to Privacy Policy

We just rolled out a couple of changes to the Privacy Policy that affect all users. So please take a minute to read this.

The first change involves the display of your Real Name vs your Netflix Nickname on your FeedFliks pages. For a while now, all new users by default only have their Netflix Nicknames shown but this can be overridden on the FeedFliks Account page. We’ve made this change retroactive – that is, all users on FeedFliks now have only their Netflix Nickname displayed irrespective of when they joined the site. If you are a user who prefers your Real Name to show up, please explicitly set this preference on your Account page.

The second change involves what is shared on your FeedFliks page. Again, for a while now, all new users by default only have their Netflix Reviews shared. All other data, their Queues, their Recommendations etc are private. Users’ Rental and Streaming Histories have *always* been private – as have been their statistics, graphs and calculations. We’ve made this change also retroactive – that is, all users on FeedFliks now only have their Reviews shared (unless they’ve made that section also private already). If you are a user who prefers to share more, please set your sharing preferences explicitly on your Sharing page.

Our privacy policy is at

More questions  are always welcome. Just contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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