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Titles Most Queued on DVD

The Top 5 most popular titles in Netflix subscriber’s DVD Queues today are:

The full list is at FeedFliks

Interestingly enough, True Grit at #4 is currently available to stream and yet presumably tens of thousands (if not even more!) of subscribers will be getting this via DVD!

Ever wondered if you have titles sitting in your DVD queue that you can stream now and avoid wasting a DVD on? On FeedFliks, you’ll be able to see exactly that – just go to your DVD Queue page on FeedFliks and click on the link that says “Available on Streaming”

This view is available to all new FeedFliks users for their first two weeks after which it becomes a Premium-only feature. FeedFliks Premium costs only $10/year. If you’re getting value out of FeedFliks, we encourage you to upgrade!


James Bond comes to Netflix Streaming on April 1st

A ton of James Bond movies are coming to Netflix Streaming on April 1st. Here’s the list:

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

You Only Live Twice


The Spy Who Loved Me


Diamonds Are Forever

Never Say Never Again


The Living Daylights

A View to a Kill

For Your Eyes Only

The Man with the Golden Gun

Licence to Kill


ps: remember you can sign up for Alerts on and you’ll get a reminder email from us the day the title becomes available (April 1 in this case) and, if you’re a Premium member, we’ll also add it to the top of your Instant Queue so the next time you turn on your Roku or Wii, these titles will be waiting for you on the top of your Instant Queue!


Never miss another streaming title on Netflix

Many Netflix users do not realize that titles on their Streaming service *can* and do expire, i.e that they have windows of availability. It’s not always obvious from the Netflix website when a title is scheduled to expire from Streaming. One way to avoid the frustration is to use FeedFliks’ Streaming Central for a quick view of what’s About to Expire (as well as keep track of what’s Coming Soon and Just Arrived).

We’ve made keeping track of what’s expiring a bit easier with Expiring Alerts. On your FeedFliks Account Page, you can sign up to get emailed once a week about titles on your Instant Queue that are about to expire.

One you set that to ‘Yes’, FeedFliks will email you every Friday (for now) listing titles on your Instant Queue that will expire in the next two weeks. For additional FeedFliks goodness, we’ll also check against your NF Recommendations list to see if any titles that NF thinks you’ll really love that are available to stream are about to expire so that you can watch them rightaway. Here’s a snippet of what that looks like:

Currently, this is available to all of you FeedFliks-ers out there but we’d really appreciate if you upgraded to  FeedFliks Premium.

Happy Thansksgiving!


Use FeedFliks to Auto-Add Upcoming Streaming Titles to your Instant Queue

The ability to get Streaming Alerts Via Email is a much-used and much-loved feature at FeedFliks. The way this works is that whenever you see a title that is scheduled to come to Netflix Streaming in the near future, you click on the Remind button and you’ll get an email from us the day that title actually starts to stream. This is great but you still need to remember add it to your queue which is an extra step. Starting now, you’ll be able to tell FeedFliks that in addition to emailing you about the title’s availability on streaming, it should also get added to the Top of your Instant Queue. It’s simple to do this and here’s what it looks like on your FeedFliks Streaming Alerts page:

Just click on the ‘Once Available, Add to Instant Q’ link. And if you change your mind about having it auto-added to your queue (you’ll still get notified by email), then just toggle it back by clicking on the ‘Undo Auto-add to Instant Q’ link.

This is a FeedFliks Premium feature. If you use FeedFliks regularly, we’d greatly appreciate if you upgraded: just $8.99 for awhole year. Thank you!


Entire Rocky Series Coming to Instant Watch

Rocky on Netflix Instant Watch


Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky started streaming on Oct 1st and the rest of the series through till Rocky V is coming to Netflix Streaming starting Dec 1st. Interestingly the average rating of each Rocky movie has steadily trended downward!

Get your streaming reminders on FeedFliks!


Clean Up Your Instant Queue

Titles on Netflix’s Streaming service have a bad habit of expiring which leaves you with slots on your Instant Queue taken up by titles you can’t actually Watch Instantly anymore. To delete  all those titles in one swell swoop, just click on the link as shown below in bold and red: right under the Instant Queue section on your FeedFliks page.

And you’ll now have your slots back to fill with available movies or TV shows. Not sure what titles to add: a great place to get ideas is FeedFliks’ Streaming Central.

Note that this is a Premium feature and not available to everyone. FeedFlik’s Premium Plan costs only $8.99/year and comes with a lot of benefits like regular data refreshes, queue modification features (including this one), no ads, email reminders and of course that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting one of your favorite services: please upgrade now!


More Frequent Refreshes Of Your Netflix Data On FeedFliks

One of the benefits of upgrading your FeedFliks account to Premium is that your FeedFliks page is always in sync with your Netflix activity. We refresh your data thrice a day. Plus, Premium members have the ability to trigger a refresh of their data on-demand – whenever they’d like.  We wanted to take a minute and say a big THANK YOU to all those of you who have shown your support for FeedFliks by upgrading to Premium!

For the rest of you, we try to refresh your data as often as we possibly can without busting the bank. It was every other day several months ago and with the great growth in user sign-ups it has grown to once in 4 or even 5 days at times which is not great. If you’ve been unhappy about this, read on…

Starting today, we are going to allow even free users whose data is over two days old to trigger a refresh of their data: on-demand. Your data refresh will typically complete in under a minute and your FeedFliks page will be deliciously fresh. You’ll need to wait an additional couple days again to trigger another refresh.  The idea is that frequent FeedFliks users who, for whatever reason, are unable to upgrade can still find a happy medium without having to stand in queue behind anyone else who may not be such frequent fliers. To trigger a data sync, just click on the ‘Refresh it now?’ link on your FeedFliks page.

ps. Or just upgrade to Premium and we’ll chug along thrice a day everyday without any work on your part. It’s just $8.99 for a whole year

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