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Netflix DVD Releases for 17th Jan, 2012

Netflix will start shipping these titles starting this week:

The Ides of March, Abduction, Dolphin TaleBucky Larson: Born to be a Star, Courageous, Dirty Girl, Mysteries of Lisbon and Glee: The Concert.

For next week, upcoming titles are: 50/50, Real Steel, Final Destination 5, Paranormal Activity 3, Restless, The Woman, Revenge of the Electric Car and Another Happy Day

Over here you can track Upcoming Netflix DVD Releases on FeedFliks.



Titles Most Queued on DVD

The Top 5 most popular titles in Netflix subscriber’s DVD Queues today are:

The full list is at FeedFliks

Interestingly enough, True Grit at #4 is currently available to stream and yet presumably tens of thousands (if not even more!) of subscribers will be getting this via DVD!

Ever wondered if you have titles sitting in your DVD queue that you can stream now and avoid wasting a DVD on? On FeedFliks, you’ll be able to see exactly that – just go to your DVD Queue page on FeedFliks and click on the link that says “Available on Streaming”

This view is available to all new FeedFliks users for their first two weeks after which it becomes a Premium-only feature. FeedFliks Premium costs only $10/year. If you’re getting value out of FeedFliks, we encourage you to upgrade!


Unusual Messaging Choice By Netflix

My credit card on file with Netflix is expiring soon and this notice popped up. It seems like an unusual decision to provide ‘Cancel Membership’ as such a prominent choice to the subscriber.

Especially so given that Netflix is worried about cancellations. Anyone else seeing this pop-up?

Or maybe it is just me they are trying to shoo away 🙂

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Netflix New DVD Releases for 10th Jan, 2012

New Titles on DVD that Netflix will start shipping from Jan 10th include: Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Moneyball, Higher Ground and In My Sleep.

New Titles on DVD starting next week, i.e. week of Jan 17th include: The Ides of March, Abduction, Dolphin Tale, Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star, Courageous and Dirty Girl.

As always, here is the full list of Upcoming Netflix Releases on DVD.

Happy Watching!


New and Upcoming DVD Releases From Netflix

In the past, we’ve shown you on FeedFliks, a list of new DVDs Netflix releases each Monday. We’ve improved this page and made it a little more ‘futuristic’ and are now showing you what titles Netflix plans to make available on DVD the next Monday and the next and so on… The page is Netflix New Releases and looks like this:

At the top you’ll see the titles Netflix made available this past Monday and further down a chronological list of upcoming DVD titles. Netflix *does* show the date a title  becomes available on DVD in your DVD Queue, but they usually stick to just the next week or so. Well, now you can see them up to 3 months out. Not every single title will be shown on this page – just the ones Netflixers have expressed interest in by adding them to their DVD Queues.

Now go ahead and add them to your DVD Queue via FeedFliks!


Movies Playing In Theatres Now

Ever saw a commercial for an upcoming movie while watching TV and wanted to add that movie to your DVD Queue at Netflix? We’re here to help and make that process easier. Here’s the Playing Now In Theatres page on FeedFliks. Just click on the  icon and we’ll add the movie to your cart. Once you’ve added all the titles you want, just checkout and we’ll add them all to your DVD Queue (where Netflix will put them under the ‘Saved’ section of your Queue). The list of movies is sorted by what’s most popular in Netflix Queues.

In addition to this info there are also links to the Coming Soon To Theatres and Opening This Week in Theatres and a link to the Theatres page has been added to the site footer for quick access from any page on FeedFliks

Enjoy and let us know in the comments or by emailing us at if you have any suggestions to improve this.


James Bond comes to Netflix Streaming on April 1st

A ton of James Bond movies are coming to Netflix Streaming on April 1st. Here’s the list:

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

You Only Live Twice


The Spy Who Loved Me


Diamonds Are Forever

Never Say Never Again


The Living Daylights

A View to a Kill

For Your Eyes Only

The Man with the Golden Gun

Licence to Kill


ps: remember you can sign up for Alerts on and you’ll get a reminder email from us the day the title becomes available (April 1 in this case) and, if you’re a Premium member, we’ll also add it to the top of your Instant Queue so the next time you turn on your Roku or Wii, these titles will be waiting for you on the top of your Instant Queue!