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Expiring Dates for Streaming Titles No Longer Available through Netflix’s API

Netflix has recently made a change to their API specifically around the expiry dates for their streaming catalog. Until now, the API provided the exact expiry dates but Netflix has now made the decision to *not* provide the exact expiry dates unless a title is expiring in the next two weeks. For all other titles, Netflix will show a far-out, made-up date irrespective of whether it expires 3 weeks out or 6 months out. On FeedFliks, we are representing this far-out date with 1st Jan 2025 which explains why 95% of your Instant Queue titles seem to expire on that exact date.

We hear all of you writing in and expressing frustration at this loss of information that was previously available. We’ve checked with the API folks and they have communicated that this is a done decision for now. We’re as disappointed as you all but this is now beyond our availability to influence. We’ve tried.
To get in touch with Netflix’s Customer Service, please call 866-716-0414.