FeedFliks Introduces Streaming Central for Canada

14 Feb

Canada is Netflix’s biggest market after the US and Netflix boasts over a million Canadian Netflixers already. To help Canadian Netflixers sort through what currently available, coming soon and expiring soon from Netflix Streaming, FeedFliks is now happy to announce the availability of Streaming Central for Canada!

Streaming Central for Canada, by default, shows the best titles currently available to stream in Canada (which interestingly enough include many Oscar winning movies that are *not* available today in the US like The Hurt LockerSlumdog MillionaireThe WrestlerTakenMilkCrazy Heart and Black Swan etc.!)

This page can be sorted by GenreRelease Year and the ever useful Expiring Soon and Coming Soon options.

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One response to “FeedFliks Introduces Streaming Central for Canada

  1. Brandon

    February 23, 2012 at 3:42 am

    FeedFliks used to be awesome and FREE but now they charge $10! They used to live off the ad revenue but once they figured they had enough people hooked they could make the change, which they quickly did. I am tired of these companies making money not only off our viewing habits, selections and ad revenue but now they want to charge $10 for something that simply indexes your que in an easy to read fashion, something BTW Netflix should be doing! So I say everyone should drop FeedFliks to teach them we don’t want to be charged 20 times for the same service! If they were going to charge you think they would add something Netflix is sorely missing like friend support (a way to share movies and que among Facebook and Netflix friends)? I don’t want a public page as I want to look at my friends list and be able to send them a movie selection to watch and then have FeedFliks on their end give that user the option to add that movie to his/her que and/or stream instantly! Having that would make Netflix complete! To think that they are harvesting my data and then charging me $10 to use a service that is a privacy nightmare is a joke. I am rating 1 star and deleting my account! Also unless you’re willing to shell over $10 don’t bother signing up as the FREE package has no features and is useless. First try and get the US version working correctly!


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