Never miss another streaming title on Netflix

25 Nov

Many Netflix users do not realize that titles on their Streaming service *can* and do expire, i.e that they have windows of availability. It’s not always obvious from the Netflix website when a title is scheduled to expire from Streaming. One way to avoid the frustration is to use FeedFliks’ Streaming Central for a quick view of what’s About to Expire (as well as keep track of what’s Coming Soon and Just Arrived).

We’ve made keeping track of what’s expiring a bit easier with Expiring Alerts. On your FeedFliks Account Page, you can sign up to get emailed once a week about titles on your Instant Queue that are about to expire.

One you set that to ‘Yes’, FeedFliks will email you every Friday (for now) listing titles on your Instant Queue that will expire in the next two weeks. For additional FeedFliks goodness, we’ll also check against your NF Recommendations list to see if any titles that NF thinks you’ll really love that are available to stream are about to expire so that you can watch them rightaway. Here’s a snippet of what that looks like:

Currently, this is available to all of you FeedFliks-ers out there but we’d really appreciate if you upgraded to  FeedFliks Premium.

Happy Thansksgiving!


One response to “Never miss another streaming title on Netflix

  1. Robert Thomas

    December 22, 2011 at 8:28 pm

    Can I still sort my queue by expiration date –
    This was one of the most useful tools I used on the site before


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