FeedFliks now helps you find Netflix titles with subtitles

15 Nov

A couple days ago, the good folks at emailed asking if there was a way for FeedFliks to point out what titles on Netflix Streaming have subtitles or closed-captioning. Right now, they have an entirely manual process which means a lot of (un-ending) work.

Things just got easier!

You should now see a small CC icon next to Streaming Titles on FeedFliks that have closed-captioning. See Forrest Gump, Up and The Boondock Saints below for example:


And yes, you can also search for just those Streaming Titles that have subtitles. Here’s a shortcut to the results page: To filter, just choose ‘Instant Watch with Subtitles’ in the Format pulldown – here’s what that looks like:

On FeedFliks’ Search Page, you can add other filter conditions and change the sorting order of the results (by default, the best rated movies are at the top). This should be very useful for anyone who needs subtitles for disability reasons or otherwise.

We hope we’re making Netflix even more awesome to all of you out there!


5 responses to “FeedFliks now helps you find Netflix titles with subtitles

  1. ncmacasl

    November 18, 2010 at 1:11 am

    Thank you so much. I notice you do not list TV shows. Did I miss something? Also I show 210 titles on your list so far – I have 280+ that aren’t foreign titles. Also, how are you finding titles? You seem to have found some that I missed. what kind of searching method are you using to find titles?

    Also, I creatd a link for your site, too: (mine is InstantWatcher has also added Subtitles as a genre:

  2. Mark

    November 18, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    What about 5.1 titles? Is there a way to identify these?


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