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Over 200 Titles Coming to Netflix Streaming in November

Of the 200+ titles, almost 100 are available tomorrrow: Nov 1st.

Bookmark to stay abreast of what’s being added. Some of the better known ones include:

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Funny movies returned faster, Serious ones kept home longer?

Do you think the number of days you take to watch a movie and return the DVD to Netflix is an indication of that movie’s gravitas? Curious? Read on…


Some few weeks ago, The New Yorker reached out to FeedFliks for some data on Netflix rental patterns: specifically, they were interested in seeing if users tend to watch and return ‘light’ movies faster while they sit on ‘heavier’ titles for somewhat longer. The article is called What we can learn from Procrastination. It turned out that there was something to their theory and that in fact a light-hearted movie like The Proposal was returned in an average of 9.6 days while a more serious movie like Gran Torino sat at home for 13.1 days. It’s a very interesting article and certainly worth reading, or, ironically enough, for bookmarking to read later.

Back to FeedFliks and those DVDs. The current extremes for longest and shortest times at home are

Here are the days-at-home for some other interesting titles:

Curious about even more titles? Just head on to any title’s detail page on  FeedFliks and you’ll be able to see the average days a title spends at subscriber’s homes (this is below the box art photo of the title). FeedFliks calculates this information for approximately the Top 250 most shipped titles at Netflix.