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Theatrical Releases

We’ve added a quick link  to the FeedFliks footer where we’re showing you Movies that are Playing Now in Theatres. Here’s what it looks like today:

Playing in Theatres Now

Playing in Theatres Now

You’ll also be able to take a look at Movies Coming Soon and Movies Opening This Week and easily switch between the three. We’re hoping this is useful to those of us who catch movies at theatres too.

True-blue Netflixers: if you see something you like, you can add it to your Queue. If a movie is also set to come on Instant Watch, you’ll be able to sign up for a reminder.

Data for this comes from the good folks at Rotten Tomatoes.


How Much Of A Threat Is Redbox Really To Netflix?

A recent article in the Bloomberg Businessweek talked about how Redbox with its $1/movie kiosks was plotting a web strategy against Netflix. The $1/movie sure sounds like a sweet spot but can you guess just how many Netflixers are already under this magic number? We ran some quick stats across the FeedFliks userbase.

For just DVD rentals, only about 20% of FeedFliks members are at under a $1/movie.

That sure sounds like a big opportunity there but what happens if we factor in Netflix’s Instant Watch offering?  With this about 64% of FeedFliks members are already at under $1/movie.

Now, it doesn’t look like all that juicy of an opportunity with nearly two-thirds of all Netflixers already paying under $1/movie – and enjoying other benefits of Netflix like no late fees and a much wider collection of titles.  Thought these numbers were interesting and wanted to share them with all of you.


More Frequent Refreshes Of Your Netflix Data On FeedFliks

One of the benefits of upgrading your FeedFliks account to Premium is that your FeedFliks page is always in sync with your Netflix activity. We refresh your data thrice a day. Plus, Premium members have the ability to trigger a refresh of their data on-demand – whenever they’d like.  We wanted to take a minute and say a big THANK YOU to all those of you who have shown your support for FeedFliks by upgrading to Premium!

For the rest of you, we try to refresh your data as often as we possibly can without busting the bank. It was every other day several months ago and with the great growth in user sign-ups it has grown to once in 4 or even 5 days at times which is not great. If you’ve been unhappy about this, read on…

Starting today, we are going to allow even free users whose data is over two days old to trigger a refresh of their data: on-demand. Your data refresh will typically complete in under a minute and your FeedFliks page will be deliciously fresh. You’ll need to wait an additional couple days again to trigger another refresh.  The idea is that frequent FeedFliks users who, for whatever reason, are unable to upgrade can still find a happy medium without having to stand in queue behind anyone else who may not be such frequent fliers. To trigger a data sync, just click on the ‘Refresh it now?’ link on your FeedFliks page.

ps. Or just upgrade to Premium and we’ll chug along thrice a day everyday without any work on your part. It’s just $8.99 for a whole year

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Netflix Streaming Growth Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

We’re half way through 2010 and here’s the DVD vs Instant graph to date.

In just 6 months, users have streamed almost as many titles as they did in all of 2009.

Will 2010 be the first year when Netflix’s DVD Shipments start to plateau off?