Find Notable Titles in the Netflix Catalog More Easily

10 Apr
Notable Titles

Notable Titles

Lots of emails have come in asking what the little icons next to the titles on FeedFliks mean. They’re used to indicate whether a particular title has either won or been nominated for an award. This includes any and all types of awards: Oscars, Golden Globes, AFI, etc. It’s just a quick visual cue suggesting that a title is ‘notable’.  For example the screenshot to left shows that G.I. Jane and Blue Sky are notable titles.

To make this more useful, you can also sort the Coming Soon, Just Arrived and Expiring Soon titles by this flag: just click on the ‘Notable’ link and you’ll see notable titles on top. You can use this sort on the Netflix New Releases page as well for a quick check to see if any of the new releases have won/been nominated for awards.

For example, of the nearly 700 titles that are expiring in the next two weeks, if you want to quickly check if there are any award winning/nominated titles, then  just use the sort by notable link:

Hopefully you’ll find this useful to find great titles.

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