Monthly Archives: February 2010

See Future Netflix Streaming Availability with FeedFliks

Fans of Netflix’s Streaming service should find our latest update to FeedFliks really useful. Starting today, FeedFliks lets you see what titles are going to be available on future dates via Netflix Streaming on the Coming Soon To Streaming page. For instance, on Monday, March 1st, 2010, Netflix is going to make more than 50 additional titles available for watch via Streaming.  Some of the better known titles are:

Other interesting titles cued up for later in March include

For a full list, take a look at FeedFliks’ Coming Soon To Streaming page. Note, however, that titles sometimes get pulled at the very last minute. This appears to have happened with The Bridges of Madison County which was to have become available on March 1st but now is no longer scheduled to be available at all via Streaming. As and when these titles do become available, you’ll be able to use FeedFliks to either add the title to your Instant Queue or to Play the title right there.

Just bookmark the Coming Soon To Streaming page and be one of the first to know about interesting new titles that become available on Streaming because Netflix is not sitting still. In addition to the 180 odd titles scheduled for Streaming availability in March, an addition 250+ titles are being cued up for future months. Hit us up in the comments if you are interested in a month-by-month list of future streaming title availability.