Sorting for your DVD Queue as well

02 Dec

You could already sort your Instant Queue on Now, you can sort your DVD Queue as well. We’ve also added two handy links – the ability to sort by Predicted Rating and the ability to see if any titles that were already in your Queue but not yet available on DVD have become available recently.

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Posted by on December 2, 2009 in feedfliks, feedflix, insant watch, netflix, queue, queues, streaming


One response to “Sorting for your DVD Queue as well

  1. knoxploration

    July 12, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    Just discovered Feedfliks, and am pretty impressed by the site, but one feature doesn’t work as expected — and it’s this one. I understand the Netflix API gives you the ability to update my queue, amongst other things… so why not give me a way to send the sorted queue back to Netflix?

    I like to try and put well-rated movies towards the top of my queue, and right now the only way I know how to automate this is to use the Firefox web browser (which I don’t enjoy using) plus a Greasemonkey addon. If Feedfliks could be made to update my queue order on Netflix itself (rather than just temporarily sorting it on Feedfliks’ site), it’d be significantly more useful to me, and I’d never need touch Firefox again.

    For bonus points, since I find Netflix’s ratings to be rather subpar, if you could add the ability to import IMDB ratings for movies in my queue, and sort on those, I’d be speechless with joy. 😉


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