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We’ve updated our Twitter account

Just a quick note to let you know that we’ve updated our Twitter account from @ffalerts to @feedfliks

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Use FeedFliks Search to find only watchable titles

Watchability Factor

Watchability Factor

In an earlier post, we announced that FeedFliks was going to be start showing you a ‘sit-through factor’ which was a percentage measure of how much of a streaming title people actually got through.

We’re now allowing you to search Netflix’s catalog by using this as an additional filter. Right below the ‘Format’ dropdown (where we added Blu-ray last month) is a  slider you can use to set a minimum percentage value that the title should have been watched for.

Right now, this filter is applicable only to Instant Watch titles. However, with over 17,000 titles on Netflix Streaming, we figured everyone could use this to eliminate particularly boring titles.

If you’ve got any suggestions to make FeedFliks Search even better, please leave us a comment.


Sort your Instant Queue

Over at HackingNetflix, Mike asked his readers for suggestions on improving streaming and there were a few readers requesting the ability to sort their Instant Queue. That was something on our to-do list for a while and and we spent a little while finishing it up over here at FeedFliks and we rolled it out last night.

Under your Instant Watch Queue you’ll now be able to sort your queue by a variety of options: Alphabetically, Expiring First, Genre, Duration etc. We hope this is useful to all of you!



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