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A million dollar idea to improve your Queue

Life is short and your queue is long. tells us that almost half of you have over a 100 titles in your Queue. That’s too many to keep track of in your head and, chances are, that title in position 235 is never going to be watched. Which is ok except that Netflix might think that you’ll like Movie # 235 more than all the hundreds of movies ahead of it. Netflix recently gave away $1 Million to improve their  movie recommendation algorithm so it’s likely Netflix has a pretty good guess as to how much you’d like a particular movie.

Wouldn’t it be cool to run your big Queue by Netflix and ask if there are any gems lurking far, far below in your Queue? You can now do that with FeedFliks. Just head to your account page and look for the ‘Analyze your Queue’ section (it’s near the bottom) and hit the ‘Yes, do it’ link and you’re done! (If you haven’t signed up for FeedFliks yet, you should!)

Here’s a before and after of what it looks like:

Current Queue

Current Queue

Netflix's Suggested Queue

Netflix's Suggested Queue

Let’s put that million dollars to work!

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Play any stream-able Netflix title easily from FeedFliks

Until now, we’ve tried to bring to your attention, any titles that have become available via Netflix’s Streaming service. We’re taking this one logical step further by adding ‘Play’ buttons next to all titles that are stream-able.

From your own DVD Queue (why waste a DVD rental when you can see it now?) to the Netflix Top 100 (4 of which are still streamable) or Netflix New Releases (12 are streamable!) to Movie Detail pages to Search results to FeedFliks Streaming Central, you should start seeing these blue ‘Play’ buttons all over FeedFliks.

Just click ‘Play’ and in a minute or so, your movie will start playing in a new window. Yes, it is that easy!




Share any particular movie review

Here’s something that should really be useful to all of you prolific reviewers out there: you can now get a permalink to any one particular review that you can share with your friends. Rather than have to scroll through dozens (or hundreds!) of your reviews, they can quickly and easily get to the exact movie review you choose.

For example, here’s my review page with a review of Match Point:

Movie Reviews Page

Movie Reviews Page

Now, under each review, you’ll see a permalink to that particular review. The permalink for my review of Match Point happens to be:

Click on this and you’ll get a page that shows just that review:

Review Permalink Page

Review Permalink Page

This link ( will always work even if you go back and make edits to your review. It’s super-easy now to share your favorite review on Twitter, Facebook, Email or on  Blogs.


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