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Get your FeedFliks Alerts via Twitter

Follow @ffalerts

Follow @ffalerts

One of the more popular features of FeedFliks is the Alerts option.

For those who aren’t aware of this neat feature : you can ask to be reminded via email if you’ve held on to any particular DVD for longer than 3 (or 5, or 7…) days.  Alerts help you maximize your Netflix membership by getting you to watch more movies each month. If you haven’t subscribed to alerts, you should – rightaway.

Since many of you also use Twitter,  we think it makes sense for us to offer to send you these reminder alerts via Twitter rather than email. Getting FF alerts via Twitter is easy.

Step1: Update your Twitter username on your FeedFliks account page

Step2: Follow our alerting account @ffalerts

Step3: Tell us what day of the week you want to get alerted and how long you’d like to have a DVD at home before you want a reminder for it

As always – Alerts are an opt-in feature and it is easy to opt-out. Don’t want to be bugged anymore? Just set alerts to ‘Never’.

Remember: Following @ffalerts is important because FF will send you alerts via direct messages (DM) to protect your privacy regarding what titles you have at home.

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Helping you get your money’s worth from Netflix

One of our main goals is to help fellow Netflixers get their money’s worth from their Netflix subscription. To make it easier to figure out how best to maximize your subscription, we’ve added a ‘Tips’ section to your FeedFliks page. It looks like this:
Here, you’ll see if you have any DVDs you’re holding onto longer than you’ve told FeedFliks you want to (if you haven’t specified this, we see if you are holding onto titles longer than you have on average), if there are titles in your DVD Queue that are available via Instant Watch so you don’t waste a round-trip on the disc and also tells you how well you are using Netflix’s Streaming service which is a sure-fire way to get plenty of bang for your buck.

We recognize that there might be a ton of other ways to maximize the value you are getting and we’re looking to improve this section constantly. If *you* have any suggestions that you think everyone else will benefit from, please leave a comment here or contact us at and we’ll incorporate the best ideas into FeedFliks.

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Hmm.. I wonder why I added this title to my Queue?

We’ve all been there. A title arrives and we wonder what the reason was for us to put it in our Queue in the first place.

To help you remember, you can now add a ‘note’ on your FeedFliks account to remind you why – maybe a good friend recommended it – or you heard that so-and-so was in it. Whatever your reason, you can add the note to remind you. Your notes will survive even if you purge that title from your Queue. Further, you can add notes to *any* Netflix title – not just those in your Queue. Your notes are *always* private to you.

Here’s how you can add a note to a title:

1. Click on the ‘Add a note to the title’ link on every movie detail page, for example


2. Add your note and hit ‘Save Note’

3. You’re done! You can always edit or delete your note at any time


Tell us what you think.

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