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A Better Way to View The Netflix Top 100 and New Releases

Netflix Top 100

Netflix Top 100

Netflix’s Top 100 list is, let’s face it, largely static. Crash has been #1 for months on end. Also, Netflix does not provide any way to sort this list other than the default ranking. We thought it might be useful for people to see this Top 100 List sorted by Genre or Average Rating or Release Year or – even Streaming Availability. To do this on, just go to and you’ll be able to sort by several options. Here’s a screenshot of what the Top 100 list looks like when sorted by IW availability: 7 of the Top 100 are available to watch right now! Not bad.

These sorting options are also available on the Netflix New Releases (which is updated every week by Netflix) page at

Try it out and let us know in the comments if you find it useful or if you’d like to see further enhancements to these lists from Netflix.


Why wait for the DVD when you can see it now?

We just rolled out another useful update to FeedFlix.

As and when titles in your DVD Queue become available via Instant Watch/Streaming, FeedFlix will tell you by highlighting those titles on your FeedFlix page. In addition to this, we’ll also tell you the date until which Netflix has made it available for Instant Watch. Here’s how it looks like on our own queue today – Casablanca is available until January of 2010.


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FeedFlix – now with multiple profile/queue support!

Hi everyone,

We just released an all new version of FeedFlix. This features the most popular user request – support for multiple profiles/queues.

Adding multiple profiles is super-easy. Just log in with any one profile and then click on the ‘Add another profile’ link on your FeedFlix page. If you have more than 2 profiles – just repeat the same process and all your profiles will be linked and refreshed. You’ll get a combined stats page that will show you combined activity across all the profiles. And yes, you’ll be able to switch easily between each profile and share that profile’s FeedFlix page separately.

I hope you all enjoy the feature!


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